Friday, December 3, 2010


I joined into the D-OC about a month and a half or so ago. Simple process really...I typed "diabetes" into the "find people" field on twitter and @sixuntilme was the first one on the list. Read her blog, found out there was something called #dsma at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday's. When I first participated in it, I didn't realize it would impact how I control my diabetes. I went from about 13 spam followers on twitter to over 100 amazing people fighting the same fight. I've read countless blogs from people talking about there experiences with D, and out of the blue I told my mom "I want to get my eyes examined". I haven't had my eyes checked in nearly two years because I was too scared to face the reality of potentially losing my eye-sight. She thought maybe something was wrong with my eyes, if I was randomly asking to have them checked. I told her nothing was wrong with my eyes that I can tell, but I want to be 100% nothing bad is happening. Before I came across the D-OC I never spoke to anyone about "well these are the complications of D, amputations, blindness, etc..." and whenver my doctor told me I need my eyes checked I would brush it off to the side and forget about it, or blame not going on how much I work, when really I could have easily made the appointment. I just couldn't come to terms with accepting the reality of complications. I now have the mind-set where if I think something isn't right, or if I want to prevent something I will bring it to a professional's attention to have something done about it. So I just wanted to make this short and sweet blog post to say THANK YOU D-OC for opening my eyes and making me realize I am not alone, and putting me on the right path, mentally, to take better control of my Diabetes. Every blog written/typed by anyone is a donation to our health whether it's mentally or physically, and I'm very thankful for that.