Friday, July 22, 2011


I brag about the DOC a lot with my nurse practitioner whenever I have my 3 month appointment with her. She's even told me that I am her "easiest patient to deal with" because I'm always looking to improve my life with Diabetes. I've explained to her that twitter is full of other diabetics, willing to lend an ear and help you with anything that they can. She told me she sees a lot of people my age that come into her appointments that are nowhere near as confident with their diabetes as I am.

That's when I saw myself.

For the first four years or so of me being a diabetic, I only showed up at Joslin Diabetes Center to get prescription refills and just wait until the appointment was over. I was a mess mentally. So when she told me that she sees people my age going through the same exact thing I felt obligated to speak up. So I offered her my e-mail to give to patients (if that's not legal, I don't know, it was my first reaction, oh well) if they needed to talk with someone who "gets it". Recently my nurse practitioner e-mailed me, and this was part of the e-mail.

"Would you mind putting together a list of online support groups that you know of and think are helpful?  I have a couple of patients who would really benefit from that."
So I asked some people on twitter for recommendations of what sites would be good to share with other diabetics. I put a list of about 7 different sites and sent it back. That I have seen, there isn't any visible resources for online social interactivity for Diabetics at Joslin, although they do have programs that help people. I think it would be cool if Joslin makes some flyers and set them up in the waiting area for people to take with them and check out at home. 

And to think, all those times I bragged about the DOC, I thought my NP was thinking how annoying I was being. I'm glad she took it serious and is considering sharing these very useful (and life-changing) resources with other Diabetics. As good as it feels to be the "easiest patient to deal with"...I don't want that title, I want to share that title with other patients at Joslin.


  1. When I was dx'd at 18 there was not internet, I spent a loooong time feeling alone. I finally (16 yrs later) found the DOC and it has changed my life. KUDOS to you for reaching out to others with D. We are a FAMILY!!! Loved this post. :)

  2. that's awesome, dustin! yay for you, and for your NP! :)