Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Year With My Pump

April 25th marked my first full year as an insulin pumper. Reflecting back on my decision, I am so glad I made it to ask my nurse practitioner to get one. I still remember leaving the appointment, and going out to my car and just crying my eyes out because I was so happy that I coud use an insulin pump. I was on MDI's for five years and I wasn't so much sick of it, I just wanted to try something new with my diabetes care.

Having an insulin pump has been a lot more convenient for me than using needles and pens. I still carried extra supplies in my satchel just in case I get a kinked cannula or some other nightmare happens while I'm out. I was homeless for two months and I was so glad I had an insulin pump for that experience, because I didn't have to constantly take needles and pens out, and inject in front of people that I didn't feel comfortable doing that around. I simply took the pump out, programmed what I wanted it to do and forgot it was there.

Being on the pump has been a world of a difference in my diabetes care. Not having to carry around needles and pens, having a pump in my pocket is so much more convenient when I'm out and on-the-go. Even at work, I used to have to take pens out and inject myself and worry about people being offended. Now I just take the pump out and do what i have to do.

Most of all, since I use the dexcom and my Minimed pump, my A1c has dropped from about 7.5 to 6.5. And my health is at an all-time high since being diagnosed and I feel great. I can't imagine going back to a life without the convenience of an insulin pump. I love it, and would recommend it to any other diabetic. But don't take my advice, I'm not a medical doctor, I'm just here to share my experiences :)

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